Welcome on our support, Visitor
If you create a ticket, you will be redirected on our support website. You can also contact us by mail - [email protected]

I was muted on chat, could you unmute me?

You can appeal the ban by submitting a support ticket.
Please get to know our chat rules so that situation won’t happen again.

I want to get a partnership with you, where can I contact you?

Click here! and create a partnership application.

My game lagged, can I get a refund?

We're sorry but we are not offering refunds on any of our games.
The sites' servers are running 100% correctly and all delays are on the user side.
If you have any objections please submit a support ticket.

I have made a deposit but my coins didn't come.

Deposits with skins could be delayed up to 1 hour depending on the state of the steam servers.
As for G2A Pay deposits sometimes you need to wait a while for the transaction to be confirmed.

Why can’t I withdraw?

Please make sure the steam servers are working correctly - steamstat.us.
To withdraw you also need to deposit at least 1000 coins.
If the problems persist on a longer time period please submit a support ticket.
Your withdraw could also be blocked if you have abused the sites prices to trade in order to profit.
Submit a support ticket to further discuss this matter.

Why can't I deposit my skin?

On SkinUP we strive to offer only the best skins for our users.
Please make sure your skin is not exceptionally rare or has an unstable price.

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